The Peace Through Involvement Act

There is a disconnect between what goes on in Washington and what's happening in the permanent wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Drugs, Terror).  This is why the wars go on forever; well... that and the special interests that profit from them, but the money comes from the politicians.  So, how can we get the politicians to cut off the funds? By providing a (negative) incentive more powerful than campaign contributions and the accumulation of more and more power.

The Peace Through Involvement Act would draft every congressman and senator for a tour of duty, via random rotation, to the front lines, as an enlisted person, not as an officer safely miles behind the front lines, a few at a time so that the business of congress, such as it is, is not unduly disrupted.

For example, while any war is going on, 10% of the senate and 10% of the house of representatives would be drafted and compelled to serve on the front lines for a tour of duty, just like any enlisted personnel.  So, all senators are assigned a random number that determines the order of involvement and 10 at a time are sent for a tour in Iraq, then a tour in Afghanistan, then a tour to fight the drug cartels, then a tour to fight terrorists.  Likewise for the house of representatives.

It is only fair that our leaders be acquainted with the reality of what they vote for and fund.  If after being exposed to what they wrought, they decide to keep voting for and funding wars, they will have another chance to become enlightened, after all their colleagues have been through the rotation.

The more likely result is that as soon as this Act is law, all wars would stop and common sense would prevail.  But how to enact this act?  Obviously no sane politician would vote for it.  First, for the last 10 years (at least) the presidency has been accumulating more and more "emergency" powers, so how about using some?  I claim that bankrupting the country through multiple unending wars constitutes a national emergency.  This is a direct challenge to Mr. Obama.  Enact the Peace Through Involvement Act as an emergency measure immediately.

Of course, there will be instantaneous court challenges to its validity if enacted this way, so the next step should be to only elect politicians that have committed to passing it, if elected, under penalty of voter fraud.  Voter fraud? Well, people have gone to jail for lying.  How is promising the voters that they will vote for the Act in order to get elected and then not do so any different? The campaign promise can be made a legally binding contract with specific consequences for non-compliance.

The entrenched special interests will naturally try to split hairs to keep the status quo, for example by redefining what a war is.  I can see how all the wars could be reclassified as "police actions".  George Orwell would be proud.  It seems unavoidable that, like any law, it could keep armies of lawyers busy for a long time. So, here are a few definitions to start the process:
I'm sure there is already plenty of international law, constitutional law and common law that would prevent most wars, but the nature of war is such that it makes ignoring law very convenient and easy.  Unfortunately, Might is Right appears to be the currently prevailing law.

The Peace Through Involvement Act   

In order that our elected representatives are properly educated about the consequences of their actions regarding wars, We the People hereby demand:

That every member of the US Senate and House of Representatives be assigned a random number that will determine the order of service.

That while there is any war being fought, in which the United States is a party, 10% of the Senate and 10% of the House of Representatives, in the previously determined order of service, be compelled to serve on the front lines for a standard tour of duty, like any enlisted personnel, in each ongoing war.

That while any war continues, at the end of a tour of duty, the next 10% of each legislative body be sent to the front lines, in the order of service, until the war is over.  If the war continues and a whole rotation has occurred, the first 10% is again sent.

A war, for the purpose of this act, is defined as any government action that results in more than 10 deaths.

The campaign promise

I, <name of politician standing for election> hereby affirm, under penalty of perjury, that if elected I will introduce the Peace Through Involvement Act into the <House of Representatives/Senate> and vote for it.  If I fail to do so, I hereby renounce my right to a trial and accept the maximum prison term for perjury.

Signature:  <name of politician standing for election>